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  • Eligibility
    • The existing commercial section of the NJ Green Building Manual presents compliance paths, strategies, and case studies for commercial and multifamily (4+ stories) buildings.
  • Compliance Paths
    • The compliance paths establish green building performance targets that applicants would adhere to in order to qualify for state-based incentives. They draw heavily from the relative strengths of existing standards and green building programs, incorporating performance-based criteria from LEED; ICC 700-2008, the National Green Building Standard; and ASHRAE Standard 189.1-2009, and are further customized to reflect policy and environmental priorities of the state of NJ. This approach does not recommend one rating system or standard over the other but rather identifies and requires consistent performance levels among the different rating systems and standards while still allowing flexibility in how certain performance levels are achieved.
  • Application Process
    • Verifications needed

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